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Island Hopping

Explore the beautiful and unique scenery of El Nido Palawan with Ahana Resort El Nido! This cluster of islands with its clear blue waters and dramatic rock formations will make you commune with nature, explore new adventures, and find fun under the sun. You get to choose from Tour A to D our Island tours can be arranged upon arrival with our front desk officer in-charge.

Visit Nacpan Beach

20mins away from Ahana Resort El Nido, you will see deserted golden sand, clear blue waters, and a surreal view of the ocean await you at Nacpan Beach. Just the thought of lounging under the sun in this paradise makes you wish for that dreamy escapade. It's why joining an inland trip in Nacpan Beach is worth the wait. 

The 45 minutes to 1-hour drive from the El Nido town proper is well worth it once you set foot in this slice of heaven. Read a book, listen to music, or watch the waves kiss the shoreline as you take in the beauty that Nacpan Beach has to offer. Local and foreign tourists rave about the 4-km long Nacpan Beach in El Nido because of the laid-back vibe here. 

Nacpan Beach is part of the Twin Beaches with the adjacent Calitang Beach. You can climb up to the highest point and see the view of the two beaches. If you're trying out Nacpan Beach tours, buy some drinks or snacks in the beach bar as you work on your tan. The sunset in Nacpan Beach is also a must-see, the cherry on top for a perfect tropical getaway in El Nido, Palawan.

Climb the Taraw Cliff

The Taraw Cliff of El Nido is a prominent sight in the town proper. During the dry season, you can climb it and see a panoramic view of El Nido town and Bacuit Bay. Taraw is a local word for “mountains” since reaching the top will have you hiking over jagged cliffs and rocks.

There are two ways to climb the Taraw Cliffs: the regular hike or by a Canopy Walk. But both will require you to face your fear of heights. The regular hike up the Taraw Cliffs will have you ascending its steep and sharp limestone rocks. Doing this hike will require a guide and proper hiking shoes, so you have a better grip. 

Plunge in Nagkalit kalit Falls

Aside from the islands, beaches, and lagoons of El Nido, you can also dip into the natural pool of Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls. The hike to the waterfalls is an adventure itself, but the cool temperature of the water compensates for the effort of trekking to the place. 

"Nagkalit-kalit" translates to "Nagsaglit" in Tagalog which means "taking a moment." You will surely forget the time as you adore the beauty of the waterfalls and the joy it offers to tourists who stumble upon it.

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